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Disclaimer :
  • All information and links on this Web Site are provided for your convenience but without responsability on our part as long as no formal mandate has been agreed upon, and thereafter our liability remains limited to the services rendered specifically in the context of a mandate and billed as such.
  • All liability is hereby excluded for damages resulting from the use of email, since even installing and up-dating regularly state-of-the-art security software is no absolute protection against possible risks related to the use of email. In addition, it is public knowledge that spying software has been installed and is is being operated by various governments.

Copyright :

Reprint of documents published on our website is permitted (unless otherwise indicated on the document) with indication of the source and with a courtesy copy of such reprint (or of the link) sent to us

Confidentiality :

All email messages originating from our firm must be considered as confidential. They are intended solely for the person or entity to which they are addressed. Any retransmission, dissemination or other use of such emails by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. The Swiss Law on Telecommunications (LTC) provides in particular that any dissemination or use of non public information received by error is punished by imprisonment up to one year under article 50 LTC.


The standard mandate drafted by the Geneva Bar Association is very broad, and its object should be designated in general terms. The specific mandate can however be limited at any time by subsequent email instructions, in which case these subsequent instructions will prevail. The standard mandate to be signed initially can be downloaded in various languages from this list below :

Technical information

For security reasons emails on this Web Site cannot be activated by simple clicking on the name. "Copy and paste" will however work.

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